I had already put my pens in my pencil pouch waiting for the lecturer to say the day’s work was done and she’d see us the following week. My brain had already switched off long ago and I was seated there contemplating if to have junk for lunch like always or buy fruits and eat something healthy for once. Then, my thoughts were disrupted by whoever was walking to the podium to start his presentation. I immediately removed my pens from the pouch ready to write down whatever the hell he was going to say. Then he took the microphone in his hands, cleared his throat, ready to begin. “My name is Jay and I am going to represent group 9 in presentation for the group work,” he said. Oh boy, wasn’t his voice just deep and husky!  I smiled to myself with childish delight. Yaaas!!! Finally I knew his name. That was good progress. He goes on and makes his presentation about some crisis in PR or something related to that. All that while I am studying him. He is inches taller than I am, dark in complexion, dresses really well : no homeless unfinished jeans or those T-shirts with holes  in them, he doesn’t have any piercings, he doesn’t put on those big shoes that makes one look like a clown,  his hair is well kept : it’s well trimmed, no patches of dye in it, no funny shaving style on his head, no dreadlocks, he is just finnne! I guess he works out too, his shoulders are broad and his T-shirt clings to his torso in all the right places.😋😋 He has strong arms and I have always imagined them holding me while he’s comforting me after a long day. Then those eyes of his🙆, dark and stormy and look like they know alora secrets that maybe one day I’ll get to know of. A girl can dream. I feel this excitement singing in my heart…I continue looking at him dreamily till my attention is drawn back by the lecturer saying we should finish up for the day and dismiss for lunch. You must be kidding, right. Really now? Who said we were even hungry? Who even takes their lunch at 1 PM? Can’t we just extend for only one hour? Dream crusher!!!😡😡

Dear crush, I wish I had the courage to say Hi, we’d be planning  our wedding now. I wish you would walk up to me and ask what my name is. I wish you’d walk up to me and say you’d like to hang out sometime. I wish you’d sit next to me in class for even one lecture. I wish you knew. I wish you knew how you make my feet wobble. For now, I’ll just continue wishing while I watch from a distance. Or maybe I should walk confidently in the direction of my dreams and live the life I have always imagined. Just maybe…


23 Replies to “DEAR CRUSH”

      1. I mean ‘friendly’_ when I look at the first paragraph, the eye sees a long stretch. You know readers are sometimes put off by lengthy paragraphs. I actually had the first paragraph in mind. That’s the impression I got on my first glance… even before I read.

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  1. I’ve been reading and I am smiling like a douchebag till the end. Then I thought: “Wait…Am I turning gay?” lol. I usually don’t have anything good to write home(or read) about guys but you made me see them through a young girl’s eyes and it is both funny and perceptive…A girl can dream, Nyambu.

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