Was it really worth it?

She reshuffled her weight from the left to the right buttock. Nervously, she took a look around the plush office. Dark brown mahogany table, a black leather swivel chair, a well- watered plant on top of an office cabinet in one corner and a litter bin beneath the photocopier machine. On the walls, several photos of the many places he had travelled, certifications and academic qualifications hang in expensive frames.  There were very large windows that let in enough light and also offered a panoramic view of the vast city. The furnishing of this office must have cost an arm and a leg. She thought to herself trying to distract her mind.  The guilt of whatever she was about to do grew inside her like an abscess growing bigger and bigger with each passing second.

The smug on his face told it all, it wasn’t the first time he was doing this. Unlike him, she was desperate. No matter how hard she reassured herself, there was the nagging thought in the back of her mind about the risks. At this point, she imagined herself plagued with an assortment of STDs, or worse still pregnancy. She must have shook her head really hard because he jerked up and asked are you okay?….

He took one last deep drag of the Dunhill between his thick lips, held it in for a while, and then released a thick fog of smoke through his nose without choking. Hmmh! He must have mastered the art. She had watched him smoke the whole stick while she sat there timidly. He had offered her though she declined.
 “Let’s get over with this,” he said crushing the butt of the cigar in an already full ashtray. He rose from his chair and walked towards the door. He turned the door knob twice to make sure it was secure. Outside, she still heard phones ringing, deputies yelling at each other, elevator doors clunking shut and the soft tapping of the heels against the polished floors.

From behind her, he pushed her weave behind her ear and whispered something in her ear. Adrenaline cruised through her body as the flight reaction kicked in. However, she didn’t have a choice and it was already too late.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said kissing her behind her ear lobe. Damn! From behind her, his hand found its way inside her blouse and his fingers splayed over one nipple making her arch her back and gasp with pleasure. She was on her feet now.  He grabbed her ass and pushed her backwards slowly to the large table. His mouth moved down to hers and they were kissing deeply, drowning in each other. Her hands were clinging to his head pulling him closer to her and his forearms were crushing her body against his. There were small whimpers of  pleasure and she didn’t recognize them as coming from her. He moved his mouth from hers just far enough so that he could see her face. “Relax, OK.” he said. She stroke his face. And then, his large arms grasped her tightly around the waist, and lifted her from the ground. She wrapped her legs around him, her mouth locked with his, their tongues plunging deeply and sweetly. Gently and without knocking into anything, he placed her on the table. And laid her down.

Kissing and murmuring endearments, they pulled each other’s clothes off with him marveling as each garment was removed. “Relax,” he murmured as he unclipped her bra. She felt beautiful. And tiny. Next to his strong muscular body, she was slender and delicate as a reed. When they were both naked and she ran her fingers from the bulk of his chest down to the flat planes of his stomach and beyond, he groaned as if he couldn’t quite take any more. Their lovemaking was intense and the relaxed atmosphere of the evening had vanished and was replaced by fervent, very physical sex, where each one fierce passion had matched the other’s. Their bodies slick with sweat. They had come together, hungry for each other until finally, they’d climaxed fiercely. Now she felt sexy and her muscles aching pleasurably from their acrobatics.

As the door closed behind her, she briefly wondered if she’d done the right thing. She wondered if her grades were worth her pride and dignity. But then again what’s done is done… All water under the bridge. She’d made it on the graduation list. Every time she remembered, she told herself that she’d made it on the graduation list.


8 Replies to “Was it really worth it?”

  1. This is exactly what happens in most Kenyan university’s..
    What a pity.. What’s the need of making it on top of the graduation list and loosing ones dignity….so sad. A nice one for campus students.Great job nyambu

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  2. Wow!! What a vivid picture…probably I should see the immorality in the story but I just can’t. It is captivating. I was captivated while reading it.

    Liked by 2 people

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