​19th October 2017


Lady butcher: Ni mbavu pekee zimebaki.

Me: si unaweza nikatia tu hiyo nyama juu ya mbavu.

Lady butcher : aii! Apana. Ikifika kwa mbavu huwa hatufanyi hivo.

 So when I turned to go, she called me back. The conversation was in Kikuyu.

Lady butcher : kuja tu nikukatie sababu unaongea kama uhuru.

Me : (shocked) haha

Lady butcher : kama ungekua unaongea kama Raila, singekuuzia.

We small talk weather and the current political state of the country, how kimundu is destroying this country, before I leave.

 On my way home, I just can’t help but wonder.

 It’s 2017.

Tribalism is still deeply rooted in people’s minds. Who are we really and where are we headed? I must admit I have never been a victim of tribalism. But yesterday, it was quite an eye opener. The lady looked like she was in her mid-twenties. This is the youth who we’re looking up to, to at least have an open mind towards things in this day and age.

Normally, Mashujaa day in Kenya is set to collectively honor all those who contributed towards the struggle for Kenya’s independence or positively contributed towards the post-independence period. I don’t think the kapenguria six looked at ethnic background when working together. They were just Kenyans who wanted a better country for their fellow citizens.

Sad enough, the better country they stood up for is no more. Watching news lately is just frustrating. Tension, striking nurses, police brutality, killings, babies with stray bullets in their bodies, ethnicity, political division, and etc. they’d turn in their graves if they knew what state we are in currently.

My heart cries out for Kenya. Should it still be Happy Mashujaa Day? Whatever!



  1. It’s sad the point that we’re at, right now. Tribalism is rampant and the saddest part of it that it’s amongst us, the young people, who can run after the other tribe. Us who can read and understand. Us who know very well that our blood groups are more important than our ethnicity. And that’s why Kenya is in trouble. I agree with you, Mashujaa, Whatever!!!

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  2. It can end, the tribalism I mean, if we only try. I am not tribalistic, though sometimes I’m tempted but I remind myself that for a peaceful Kenya in the year 2117 AD I should be resilient (and I started by truncating my surname so I’m not judged by it, though people still insist ‘but where do you come from?’

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    1. People will always ask what’s your second name is. How about those who want to embrace their African names…people instantly stereotype you. It’s hard to end ethnicity unless we change our mindsets.


  3. Mashujaa whatever! Time and again I have said. There is one group I can’t stand . I want to preach love and tolerance but there is one group I can’t tolerate. I can’t love.

    A person who have schooled, worked, conducted business or just interacted for sometime wit people from different communities yet lumps the other tribe(s) together when it comes to politics.
    A person who have benefitted from the acts of a person(s) from a tribe different from theirs. And who have suffered in the hands in the hands of their kin.

    A person who should by now have learnt that a person is an a***hole not because they are from another tribe but because they choose to be (or not but still the blame doesn’t go to the community.)

    I go through comments from some of my friends and winder what the heck I am or they doin in my life. People we have eaten together and played together but right now they can’t stand me. Because I am from a tribr they don’t think is worthy.

    I find it hard to love them back. The grace is just not there. Or maybe I have had enough bullshit.

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