She lay naked beneath the sheets, her big warm body next to mine. Damn! Big girls are God’s gift to men. He thought to himself. Oh! And alcohol. And cars.. Her head peacefully rests on my chest as I watch her breath.  Her leg gracefully and sort of strategically on mine and her hand across my chest onto my shoulder. What a way to start a Saturday morning. Her eyes are shut in peaceful slumber and I think she is dreaming. I cannot bring myself to waking her up.

It’s like a dream come true for me. I had had my eyes on this girl for a long time and when that call came I dropped everything lest my ancestors would never forgive me. I still can’t believe that I did it. Oh! And the way she moaned calling my name last night like I was a demigod, don’t even get me started. You see, we had just finished high school like a month ago. She had told me we would do it after high school. 4 years yo! That’s quite a long time waiting and I just figured that is just but a lie used by high school girls to avoid conversations.

Then I remember how it had all began. On the couch. I had found her watching Submission series and well, I can say we pretty picked up from there. She definitely wanted sum’n tonight.   My hand drifted to her hip, it settled there and moved her closer. She splayed her hand on my chest as if to push me away but she couldn’t. She just left it there. My breathing was tight and I felt like I didn’t have any wind in my lungs. I looked at those big eyes of hers and saw tension in them too. We both knew what was coming. A shy look and I leaned in to kiss her. Her lips met mine and my brain exploded. It was all fireworks, tingles and desire. We pull apart and take shaky shallow breaths. She looks up at me and the swirl of emotions I see in her eyes make me gasp. Lust and desire. For a moment there, time seemed to have stopped moving. Things got heated up and we moved to the bedroom.

Just then, she opens her eyes and snuggles closer, and says good morning smilingly. We cuddle as we say sweet nothings to each other. Her hand wonders down my chest to my stomach. She stirs me up. Breathing hard, temperatures rising and in a tight embrace, we are kissing deeply. Our hands wonder on each other’s body exploring all the bits and pieces. The sensitive spots. Her clothes disappear and she is on top. There is a knock on the front door. We freeze. She gets off me, puts on her top and wraps a leso on her lower self. She goes out of the room. I assume it’s her neighbor. 

Her mother is a high school principal and is away in Mombasa for a week for those annual meetings they hold before schools resume the next year. She will be home tomorrow and so I plan in my mind how I am going to spend this day.

“Ingia chini ya bed faster.” She whispers looking tensed and confused.

“Nini mbaya kwani?” I ask sitting up looking even more confused.

“Mum amecome.” She says shoving my shirt under the bed together with my shoes.

I put on my boxers and pants and go under the bed. I am so tense right now I can’t even think straight. Then her mum comes in the bedroom.

“Nilikucall kukuambia nitakuja leo lakini ulikua mteja. Kwani nini mbaya na simu yako?” She asks as she sits on the bed and I can feel the bed caving in. Crap! Just then I realize I don’t have my phone.

“Uhmm…simu yangu sijui nini mbaya inazimika hivo. Ata we ndo mtu wa tatu kuskia akicomplain ati niko mteja. Nitaipeleka kwa fundi iangaliwe.” She says pretty confidently. All this while am praying that my phone doesn’t ring because that would be the end of me. It’s a little dusty down here and I pray that I don’t sneeze.

“Sawa basi. Nataka kwenda shule kudrop vitu niko nazo hapa alafu nitakuja baadaye nipumzike vizuri.” Her mother says rising to leave.

“Na mimi acha nijitayarishe alafu nipeleke hii simu kwa fundi.”  My girl says and I wonder if her mother can sense anything off.

 I swear that if I am delivered from this, I will never have sex again. After what seems like an eternity, her mother leaves and I hear the front door closing. Still shaken that I am looking through the window to see if she’s left the compound. My breathing is still strained and relief has not found me yet. My brain is racing and I cannot even hear what my girl is saying. All I want is to go. Leave this place and go home. Go home and keep my promise to the heavens and probably  join the priesthood.


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