Ever had those moments where you continuously do something over and over again until you forget its purpose and just do it absentmindedly because it is expected of you?

Well, that was me today. I am Catholic and I happened to attend the Ash Wednesday mass today. For most part of my years, I have always attended. I however don’t recall where I started viewing Ash Wednesday as an annual ritual rather than what it’s meant to be…the beginning of a period of seeking God’s forgiveness.

Ever wondered why we don’t have booming Ash businesses around this day? Why aren’t there people getting into this business and hike prices to churches around this day? Because, ash is WORTHLESS. And that’s just how worthless we are when we sin against God. Unless we ask for forgiveness, we’ll continue feeling that way.

It’s not until I heard it that I realized how much we feel entitled like we are immortal. Hunnie, remember, you’re dust and to dust you shall return.

Let’s strive to create a true friendship with God that’s everlasting. Invest in it. 

Wishing you a Lenten season full of God’s mercies.


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