Darling, you’re enough.

Affirmation can’t flow from outwards. Rivers are meant to flow from the inside. ‘

I heard someone say this, mid this week and I didn’t think much about it until today as I scrolled through Twitter.

It’s shocking the lengths people would go to seek affirmation. We have become consumed and lost in translation when it comes to the imagery of our lives online.We have let ourselves to be defined by what we’re consuming – brands, places we hang out, etc. 

One thing I’ve come to learn thou, is that pictures are just a snapshot in time – they do not negate the fact that someone might be going through a rough patch in life. 

I however believe that once we get to really know we are, then we’ll feel fully alive and our Instagrams’ feeds will not pressure us.

What if you intentionally shifted the attention to yourself and worked hard at the things where you can actually find your worth? You know, things like work, relationships, passion or whatever your inner desire is. 

Social media likes aren’t worth anything. And no matter how many likes you get, they’re not going to make you feel better than the success of living your own truth.

Living YOUR own truth is what keeps YOU whole because it is YOUR truth.

By nyambublogs

Be faithful and patient with the process.

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