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Grim Reaper

The following morning, he sent me one of the songs we had been listening to when getting drunk the previous night.

” Whenever I listen to this song from today onwards, it’s always going to remind me of last night’s good memories. ” It read in text.

And I didn’t know if to be happy or angry.

For me that song would always remind me of my insensitivity.

The dreaded call came when I was already intoxicated from the liqour we had been drinking all night, but I remember exactly the words and the tone in the call.

“Hey, hello.” I answered excitedly.

“Hi. ” the caller on the other end answered in hesitation.

“How are you?” I asked unsure.

There was silence for about 2 or 3 seconds then the caller answered, “Not okay, she’s gone.”

” Oh no. I am so sorry. ” I replied.

I hung up and sighed but did not have words to utter. It had not yet registered in my mind, the magnitude of her death.

And I took a sip of my drink. I drank so much and slept so deeply I dreamt I had died. When I woke up the following morning still breathing, I felt nothing but guilt.

Guilt that I had continued to drink. Guilt that I did not know how to react the previous night.

And when I drew the curtain that morning and saw everyone else going about their business, I felt pain in my soul and broke down.

I hated how life just really went on like nothing had changed. Life still chimed in other people’s worlds and life hurt more than death.

By nyambublogs

Be faithful and patient with the process.

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